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Version: 1.2

Part D: HL7 FHIR API Design and Development Standards - HISO 10110

Welcome to our API Design and Development Standards. This section is aimed at API Producers and Consumers of HL7 Fast Health Care Resources (FHIR) APIs.

This section is relevant to you if:

The intent of this section is to provide you with principles, standards and guidelines that encourage the development of consistent FHIR APIs as well as rules for API consumption.

FHIR API Security

The FHIR specification itself is not a security protocol nor does it define any security related functionality - it suggests the use of a security sub-system that performs user authentication and authorization. For information on API security in these standards please refer to API Security


Please note that if you are one of the above categories but not working with FHIR APIs then you may also be interested in the API Design and Development Standards